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I'm not the most calculating and devious person on the plant, but I can spot the usefulness of and turn a phrase quite well, which I am very proud of. If you are like me and old enough to be a part of Generation X, you most certainly know that the words, "I, Me, Mine" is the name of a song that George Harrison wrote in the late '60's when he was so fed-up with the "Me, Me, Me" attitude of the times and the greed surrounding the music industry in particular. It is one of my favorite Beatle songs. (I am a huge Beatles fan, but I like music from a lot of different eras and styles).

This song and the title, "I, Me, Mine" however, has a special meaning for me as a person and as an artist. Just a few years ago, in approximately 2012 or '13, I really felt I needed something to bring ALL of my artwork into a group or category because my work can be at times, so varied. That's part of the fun and beauty of being an artist, you can do whatever you damn well please without having someone looking over your shoulder!! I love it, that's got 'Me' written all over it. :) (I'm a huge "Individualist").

So the meaning behind this title, "I, Me, Mine" which I group all of my artwork into can be broken down into a few simple tenants and observations of myself and humanity: 

It means my artwork is MINE!! which no-one has a right to take or to own, without explicit consent from me, or compensation thereof for said artwork, EVER!!

My artwork is an emotional extension of ME!!, in short to say, my emotional state of being and my artwork are one and the same. My emotions at the time of creation are a tool in the creation of my artwork just as important as are the brushes, colors and drawing utensils I use.

The title "I, Me, Mine" also just as importantly means, as George Harrison felt, I am fed-up and constantly nauseated by the ridiculousness of the egotistical and narcissistic attitudes of the world we live in and have to cope with daily. The attitudes permeate everything in our lives and with the explosion of social media and new avenues bombarding our electronic devices, it's only going to get worse..ceste la vie. I do realize our social mobility is crucial as a communication tool and getting things done, but it does come with a cost.    

For now, dear dA residents, I leave you to peruse the net in search of whatever it is you're in search of. Don't let your electronic, mobile devices run your life to the point where you can no longer carry on a meaningful conversation with a human face-to-face, or God forbid, write a real letter rather than a text, (shudder at the thought!).

Ride the wave!
Dan ~ "The Picasso of the Plains"  


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United States

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